Перевод песни Ironik – Tiny Dancer [Hold Me Closer] [Feat. Chipmunk and Elton John]

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You're my star, my light, my whole entire life,
without you it's blurry, and I can't see why,
my friends say James are you feeling alright?
And I just think that I'm dreaming all night,
When I'm with you I feel I've been saved,
And I want to thank your Mum and Dad for what they made.
So I just want to say I'm going to keep you,
For life, 24/7 I hope to.
Hold you closer and don't let go,
I need to know how you feel too,
So hold me closer and don't let go,
I'm falling so please girl don't let go,
(Elton John Chorus)
Hold me closer tiny dancer,
count the headlights on the highway,
lay me down in sheets of linen,
You've had a busy day today.