Перевод песни J.D. Souther – Rain

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Para mi Hermosa Habañera,
The stars shine in your eyes
Your necklace and your cheap perfume
Just add lusrre to your skies
Your faith remains
Despite the pains
Of your embargoed ports
Oh you island dove
With a heart of love
And no fear of the North.
Mdybe it will rain... Love.
...Trouble in the desert
Caught berween the rules
Dark eyes and d hidden smile, wonder,
«Whos that fool?»
Siolen choices
And smothered voices
Mutilated smooth
Your perfect form
Jusr the way you're born
Gives birih to every move.
Mdybe it will rain... Love
The wind is from Africa
Where virtue reigns in black
Moonlit eyes reach out to us... and
What do we give back? The same was done
To our first ones
Our fathers sickness killed
Now their ghostly cries
Arrange the skies
The clouds are negrly fii|ed...
Mgybe it wiil rain... Love
Mgybe it will rain.