Перевод песни J.D. Souther – Brown (Osaka Story)

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He was drinking alone at midnight
When suddenly it hit hirn
There were d |ot of second chances out there
But you had to go get 'ern
Juso is the darkest place
In a tricky part of town
Sure enough he picked up something
He could not put down
She was a real go getter
Smooth and brown
Like a mourning dove
But a little bit better
She wos those wdrrn, blinking iights
You see from the edge of town.
Okini, Mr. JD...
Now get out of this place
You just can't behave like this
And leave with a smooth face
So pull the hdndle toward you
Get behind the mule
Try to get up edriy just one day
And fol|ow just one rule
She was a real go getter
Smooth and brown
Like d mourning dove
But a bit better
She was those warm, seductive lights you see
Driving in trom the edge of town (You know the type...)
Gomen nasei; I'm sorry
I'll jusf be moving on I only wanted to have my say
And gef home before the down
So if I|'ve outrdged any one
Don't forgive at all
For many have been chosen
Buf few were ever called
She was d real go getter
Smooth ond brown
She was a mourning dove
Buf a little bif better
She was those warm, seducfive lights you see
From the edge of town (So desu ka...)
...So do your work in earnest
Maybe this is the last good day
Our fleshy clock is ticking on Your blocks and whites are grey
Where do we go now, children
Wheh the blush is off the rose
Won's gonna be your daddy
After the Empire goes
It wos o real go getter...(wash't it?)
Like a mourning dove
But a iittie bit better
No matter how you try to understand
You want to getr a little bit better
Bui itjust flows
Through your hond
And sure enough
You're responsible for this little piece of land.