Перевод песни J.D. Souther – House Of Pride

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Look at this bag at groceries
Look at this missing year
Babys in the ocean
And I can't go out in tears
A telephone is ringing
Tnere's a package at the door
I'll never know wnat's in them
I'm stuck to the kiiiing floor Stuck Down in the House of Pride
Down in the House of Pride
No matter how much you love me Or who is on my side
I'm still down in the House of Pride
Now what about marching collars
And great big diamond rings
Bowls of murdered flowers
And caged birds that sing
Where do you go from up here
What comes after you win
Didn't we used to ger something for it Wnen we'd go riding in... to town?
From the House of Pride
They came bock to the House of Pride
We were fat but not too fat
With plenty of cash to slide
Back then in the House of Pride
I could be happy, I know it
I've seen the pieiures
Shining like the California sun
So here comes a brauk in the rain...
Well, lt looked like one.
The sun has hit the windows
And I'm pulling on my jeans
Brush my teeth and cheek my hair
I know just what it means
The long days are moving off
And the good nignt moves on Broken winoowpanes of woe, I'm gone
Gone from the House of Pride
I wantr to be gone from the House of Pride
There's someone in the drive way
and going for d ride...
Gone from the House of Pride