Перевод песни Diane Schuur – Meet Me, Midnight

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Meet me, midnight
That’s when things get nice
At my place, midnight
Don’t forget the ice
Don’t look for me in the light of the day
I wait till midnight to come and play.
Meet me, midnight
Oh, that’s my paradise
Meet me, midnight
Oh baby, you can be my guest
Just make it, midnight
Oh you fill in the rest
Some rise at sunrise and think its a «wow»
That’s very nice — if you’re milkin' a cow
Not me, midnight
That’s when it’s the best
(Hit it)
Shan new a dee, dovaa, bop-a-do-bop-sha-dop-a-do-wee
A ski-bop, a popo a bayadowa
Shan bop a wee da bay do be do da dee
Sha do ba wee
A do yall day a bop do bop
Oh baby
Meet me, midnight
That’s my time of night.
Just make it midnight
Wine and candlelight
Some like to rise at the crack of the dawn
I tried it once and I started to yawn
Meet me at midnight
We’ll start the new day right
I’ve been one that rolls along, out there
The power going strong
Oh Cinderella, She had it wrong
Midnight. That’s the name of this song