Перевод песни Sliimy – Mum

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Oh well, where is Mummy
Where is she?
Yeah honestly tell me the truth
I'm not naive I'm not stupid honestly
Mum Mum
You juste try now you juste try now
Mum Mum
You juste try now you juste try now
To be beautiful
You were amazing
But I couldn't see when you talked to me that was something weird
When I come to you then a dream comes true and the dream is confused
What was harmful for you
That was logical
But I'm not logical I'm pathetic
Just want to be with you
That was logical
See me see me from the sky
Look at me on look at me on Earth, i'm dying
See those bottles, and you drink those bottls twice, you drink those bottles
twice why!
you lost yourself inside
Now I juste wanna die, I juste wanna die
See me from the sky, see me from the sky
I just wanna die, I just wanna die
Mum turn turn Mum
Hold me in your arms,
I turn
I just want to be proud of me.