Перевод песни Rasheeda – Type of Gurl

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Lifestyle extravagent gotta stay pizade
Rock big shizades Chanels and dem Diors
Suckas with no money we just call dem broke hizoes
All about the paypa certified banka
Call me betty crocker cause they always gotta cake her
Some might hate her cause she gon' take ya hit chu' for your money make you
feel like I raped cha' (yep)
Got that rat money dealas stay stacked money
Frontin bout what chu got boy put up your trap money
See this check here it will show you were you lack money
Limits on my card will put you in a smash homey
Posted in the kisay gettin my grown woman on the way he lick dem lips I know he
give that Georgia Dome
Money in the buildin I'm talkin big bricks and I see he like to trick it off on
a chick
Stacks on deck make an ugly boy look good and his ice real bright and he ride
real good (good)
I can look pass that I'mma take money money from ya just like dat (yep)
Gotta get mine no time for the drama so don't approach me if you still livin
wit cho mama (mama) And I don't mean no disrespect but I don't fool wit dem
boys who be livin check to check (yep)
Ay Ay I'm the type of gul who want it all I'm the type of gul who could show
you how to ball I'm the type of gul you wanna take to ya mama house tha type of
gul who could show you how to work it out
I'm the type of gul to make a man change his life leave all dem otha guls and
make me his wife I'm the type of gul who gon ride when you need one the type of
gul you wanna chew all of my bubblegum (yep)