Перевод песни Rasheeda – Georgia Peach

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So this one right here
Is for all my ladies
And we gon' do it like this
We gon' dedicate this one to the fellas
Y'all know how we like it
And if you don't
Put your mouth to work
Yeah, ladies, check this out
What's up wit' it, you scared
Put my hands on the back of your head
And keep it there
Don't stop
Lick it up 'till the very last drop
And go down
Don't ya want a taste of this georiga peach
Go down
Don't ya want a taste of this georgia peach
First thing's first, Rasheeda
Fuck around with no man that won't eat her
I don't need 'em, ain't tryin' to see 'em
Your momma and daddy, I ain't tryin' to meet 'em
Hallmark cards, ain't tryin' to read 'em
Yeah, I can cook, but I ain't tryin' to feed 'em
Ain't nothin' but this vagina Steven
Your dick little, need your tongue to make it even
Slow down, stop speeding
Your 20 somethin', supposed to been stop teething
For real, been 20 minutes, has this nigga stopped breathing
I know he down there and I ain't even seen him
Damn, where he at, there he go
I'm a superwoman so I need a little mo'
And I ain't nothin' like your ho
I ain't gon' cuss you out
I'mma show you to the door
You on the run, got a federal case
I know a place you can bury your face
Yum yum, go and get you a taste
Gotta shake, let it go like Mase
With your tongue I don't know how to act
From the front all the way to the back
It's therapeutic and it helps me relax
I got them goodies boy get you a snack
I dare a nigga to try to act like he don't want to
Hate when a nigga say what he won't do
You're talkin' to a girl standin' on her own two
If I wanna I can do it with my own two
So you gotta work it, do some tongue tricks
It takes dedication, I don't cum quick
So put your shoulders in it, catch a neck cramp
Cause I gotta give it to 'em like a wet stamp
Where he at, where he at
There he go, there he go
Real girls make them boys get low