Перевод песни Biffy Clyro – That Golden Rule

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Son of Henry, I'm the first in line
To the throne, smell my mustard gas
I slash swords through your wooden spine
Well, it cut my heart and it blew my head
We made love at the side of the road
Reflex, you better know this flows fast
This bleedin' river is particularly sinister
Close your eyes and take my hand
I want to scream one last death medley
I am looking for a reason to secure a forward motion
Love that golden rule, that golden rule
Need that golden rule, that golden rule
Secrets are the truth, they are the truth
We need that silver rule, that silver rule
I'll fix your face with the ball and chain
My bobbly head bobbing till its red
I tell my secrets and you took my pain
About a broken heart and I will do it again