Перевод песни Dim Mak – Notorious Vectors Of Disease

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Bleeding, Draining, Wasting
Infecting, Polluting, Putrefying
Festering, Pustulating, Weeping
No Respect For The Species
Well Of Disgust, Deep And Seething
For The Filth That's Breeding
The Pathetic And The Sickly
Parasitic And Needy
They Wallow In Self Pity
Loathe Unclean Dependency
Self Destroying Mercilessly
Contagion, Infestation, Ruination
Objurgation, Humiliation, Indignation
Insanguination, Vaporization, Extermination
Notorious Vectors of Disease
Soulless Insects Sucking Greedily
Spreading Sickness While They Feed
Terminal And Decaying Steadily
Open Wounds Are Sweeping
Fatal Virus Insinuating
Total Loss Of An Dignity
Down A Spiral Fall Of Misery
Eating Like An Abscess
Pox To All Existence
Spoiling Into Blackness
Deeper Then The Abyss
Bane Of All Existence
Dragging Down The Hopeless
Assassinating Spirits
Dying Within Helpless
Another Victim Of a Tragic Lie
I Turn My Back And I Close My eyes
I Will Not See You but I Am Not Blind
You Let Your Weakness Just Destroy Your Life
Your Sickness Only Makes You lose Your Mind
You're out Of Love And Your Out Of Time
You Cease To Function as If You Were Alice
The Weak Get Weaker And The Strong Survive