Перевод песни Crotchduster – Mr. Indignant Erection

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Mr. Indignant Erection
Why Must You Be So Brash
Lets Play Twister With Wesson Oil
Amd A Meat Cork For Your Ass
Have You Ever Felt A Meat Cork Plunge You
Like A Barium Enema Mass
Insufficient Lubrication
Will Damage Your Intestinal Tract
Mothers Not Home
Lets Have Some Fun
Make Sure That Daddys Away
If They Ever Found Out
What Were Doing Here
They'd Probably Think We're Gay
Mr. Williams Home
Just Leave Me Alone
Captain Tupperware
Rip Out My Pubic Hair
Hey There Captain Dan
Welcome To Butter Land
Melted Cheese And Shit
Rub My Face In It Cadillac Mac Tick Tack
A Swolen Sack Attack
Praying To The Cottage Cheese
That Runs Within My Mind
Cottage Cheese We Worship
Came From The Crack In Your Behind
Masturbate The Alligator
Masturbate The Alligator
Frozen Pudding Logged In Person
Elevate The Elevator
Desecrate The Nipulator
Praying For The Nannys
Suck My Stolen Eye
Revibrate The Devibrator
Let Me Inside Of Your Asshole
300 Pounds Of Toys Melted
Into A Log Of Hate
Realize That Your Mothers Boyfriend Sells Potatoes
To A Pimp
Work Your Way Into My Asshole
Grab A Shovel Theres No Hassle
Welcome To My Dick