Перевод песни Neuraxis – Essence

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Called for a spiritual mandatory... Transcendent privilege to show this
Accusation of the scornful scientists
Condemned as enemies of the preached
Blessed by thousands of ravenous souls — Rejected by theologic complaisance
Spiritual pride and dogmatic loyalty stops the recognition of progressive
Bring down to slander the name of the desired...
Inspired by artistic mandatory...
By illusions, show a foretaste of elevated realities
Art is issued from the temptation of man to escape the lack of beauty
Cristallized emotions in time in a conception of eternity
Give wings to your thoughts and light your soul
Essence of harmonies
Invisible form, passionate and eternal
Mistaken judgement becomes a sin if the will of men endorse consciously
Immoral intentions
Powerful domination in every realms
Reflected resistance to divine reality
Desintegration of personality close to cosmic insanity