Перевод песни Neuraxis – ...Of Divinity

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Scheme of existence is spirit
Progressive experience
Conscience of divinity
Shadow of the immaterial
Destiny: Create new planes for answering the cosmic attraction
Emerging from oppression: Emancipation
Higher and higher
Sensibility to reality is a barrier against human prophecies
Create new planes for answering the cosmic attraction
Dogmatic oppression: Emancipated
Logical uniformity
Psychic morality
Worshipping the experiences
Cosmic sequences
Arithmetic form
The judicial form
Reverential form of divinity
Education to develop
Civilization to express
Life to realize it God to elevate
Personality to unite them
Acceptance of veracity
Developing to educate
Expression of the civilized
Realize your life
Elevated to god
Spiritual experience
Matter is the shadow of the immaterial
Education to develop
Expression of the civilized
Life to realize it Elevated to god
Truth accepted
United by personalities
Spirit is the scheme of existence
Take Conscience of divinity