Перевод песни Neuraxis – Impulse

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Submission to the second reality
The extinction of personality
Dominated by the initial
Ultimate unity for the survival
Existence of a guidance
Superior conceptions for revelations
Identity... Conscience... Willingness in attitude.
Partial wisdom and relative truth in communications
Limited certitudes
Science: The first casualty
Universal loyalty
Unique in philosophy
Ordinate creation
Controlled procession
Progressive evolution
Invasive demolition
Sentimental ignorance conserves the impure state
Severe misanthropy against the degenerate
Defectuous adaptation in hate
Hostility: Natural state and legacy
Social measure in extension
Violence: Automatic reaction
Civilized solution
Ingeniosity is not a substitute for character
Feebles complain for resolutions, actions of the strongers
Greater affliction is to be never afflicted
The acts form the facts of the destiny
Progress request the development of personality