Перевод песни Commit Suicide – Post Human Future

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Human, designing human
Spontaneous abortions
Science and art collide
Striving for perfection trial and error
Genetic replica not meant to be Born into dissection
Malformed existence
Somatic cell, a living hell
A child of biotechnology
Destroying moral fibers to improve human condition
Selective breeding for the broken dream
Eugenics of the new world gives birth to a faceless crowd
Clonal reproduction
Human manufacturing
Man made Technocracy unfolds
Essence of human nature destroyed by deliberate design
The core of our being and the lottery of sex
Take the back seat to profit and progress
Quality control
Artificial endorsement
Unnatural heritage
Hand made Harvard baby for sale
Consensual asexual inbreeding procreates a post-human future