Перевод песни Rune – Opium For My Soul

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Last night in my dreams... echoing in what seems
The chambers of the sacred-
Whispers that put me to sleep
Twilight harvesting. Priests of navigation
Persistent themes in incessant change
The future's despair entangled
In ancient past's long reign
Lost is what we'll never know...
Grasp intellect of lost worlds
The inquires of their unwanted
The theories of their most maddened
The shadows of their darkest rooms-
Exposed in this release from reality
Behold the oldest gods... and basking the glow
And lying in the wake the scenery unfolds
A mind marked by abstraction
Harmony in the chaotic breath
All times wind carried away my tonal
Pictures that thought paints-
What I can't shut out
That would go ill with sleep
Steals silence from the night
Dreaming becomes an art
Opium for my soul