Перевод песни The Notorious Cherry Bombs – On the Road To Ruin

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Strange Woman. .
Strange Bed. .
Thor’s hammer poundin' in my head
Six straight double shots of high-grade single malt
And my mouth is tastin' dryer than table salt (a popcorn fart)
Yeah, but I know what I’m doin'. .
I’m on the road to ruin
Monday mornin'. .
Last Friday night. .
Well I had the feelin' everything was alright
Here I am in trouble with the love of my life
Hopin' she don’t cut me with no butcher knife
I got brownie points a-cruin'. .
I’m on the road to ruin
Sun blindin'. .
Teeth grindin'. .
Ears burnin'. .
Stomach turnin'. .
Well, Summer’s commin' and the winter’s gone
Here I am still sleepin' with my blue jeans on
Well I had it goin' till I lost my job
Now I’m out here casin' out some joint to rob
Baby’s needin' shooin'. .
I’m on the road to ruin
Sirens blarin'. .
Neighbors starin'. .
Judge’s gavel. .
Well, I come unraveled. .
Well, I’ve been rollin' downhill since I was ten
My Les Paul livin’s going to do me in
I can’t get this roller-coaster rifle to a stop
'Cause when I hit the bottom I’m right back on top
Big ideas a-brewin. .