Перевод песни Plan B – Kidz

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Fucking cunts!
A'ight you'd best listen up, yeah
I break a bottle over some boys head
Stab a broken piece into the poor cunt's leg
I leave him in an alley screaming and bleeding to death
Run away laughing my head off
As I leave him for dead
What do I care?
It's not like I'm gonna get caught, Anyways
Killing ain't a crime; it's a fucking blood sport
And I'm about have to notch up as many points as possible
Show the kids on my estate that I'm unstoppable
Cos in my world respect is the only thing that matters
Fight and get enough
Someone weak enough for me to beat is getting battered
Your self-esteem is getting shattered
Into tiny little fragments on the floor it's scattered
What can I say?
Life ain't fair
But I don't care
Cos I'm untouchable like Elliott Ness
I tie a bandana round my head like Rambo
Shoot you on your fucking doorstep like Jill Dando
Pick up an AK and spray
That's the mentality of kidz today
Fuck a girl and get her pregnant (underage)
That's the mentality of kidz today
Even when I got dough I won't pay my way
That's the mentality of kidz today
Stab a youth in the leg down an alley way
That's the mentality of kidz today
Even when I got cash in my pocket I ponce
Have it, All for free
Anything that I want
Now I smoke all your weed, get right of my bonce
Never repaid the favour back not even once
Cos I count like a jack on roll
I don't need the dough but the greed takes control
And if I go looking for a fast to harass just to hear him tell me he's brass.
I'm like trust me blad
You don't wanna make this hard
Hand over your money, your phone and your pokemon cards
Real fast or else
I'll go on like smoking cigarettes
Bad for your health
Got one hell of a mean streak, causing beef on the street
I pray on the weak
Forever looking for fresh meat
I need to eat
Keep feeding my ego
I'm a control freak and I'm only 14 years old
In the eyes of the law (fucking pigs)
I'm not old enough to have sex
My balls ain't even dropped yet
And I've had skets
Lying on their backs flat on the floor
Virgin pussy getting fucked till it's raw
I go out on the chirps, looking for birds
Some young dumb bitch to fuck so hard it hurts
And what's worse is that I do it bareback
Cos when I put a condom on, its bare slack
Nah my dick ain't big enough for that
So I just stick my ding-a-ling inside her snatch and that's that
If I see something I want, I'll take it Girl won't give it up, I'll rape it Break it, impenetrate it
I'm gonna make it happen
Impregnate it If she has a youth I act like it ain't mine (Ain't Mine!)
And make her have an abortion for the 8th time
There's a gangster called Bonehead who runs things around my area
The shit he's involved couldn't get any hairier
If you're on his hit list, he'll find you no matter where you are
Fucking with him is worse than catching malaria
He's the most notorious drug dealer on my estate
Sells copious amounts of heroin and crack cocaine
Double cross him and you'll feel the pain
There's more disappearing acts on the street than David Blaine
And I wanna be just like him
Riding in a blacked out Beemer with alloy rims
Doing drive-by's, firing
An AK-47 out the window and ting
See that kinda shit impresses me Cos I got an ignorant mentality
The way I see
Is the way to be So I repeat nothing will ever get through to me. (Never!)
Boy that's the way it is today