Перевод песни The Notorious Cherry Bombs – Dangerous Curves

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I love my wife and that’s that
Now I’d best be looking for my hat
Perhaps one drink to calm my nerves
These are dangerous curves
The sober voice inside my head
Says son, «You're engine’s running red»
Ease at the handle till she swerves
On these dangerous curves
She’s a lot to me
Why you don’t get open man
Don’t you know you should go
'Fore the damage is done
I tell myself I’m an alright guy
Sometimes I look but I won’t lie
And now she’s testing my reserve
She’s got dangerous curves
She’s a dream so extreme
That you can’t get her more
It’s the gem you can’t win
And she’s calling your war
Across the room, I see the door
And I still my feet touch the floor
Last chance to exit unobserved
Leads to dangerous curves
A mad man gets what he deserves
These are dangerous curves
She’s got dangerous curves
You better go on home
She’s got dangerous curves