Перевод песни Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears – Get Yo Shit

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We’re ready right now
God damn
Man I came home the other night
And all my shit was out in the front yard
I said there couldn’t be one thing going wrong
That crazy ass girl of mine
Let me go over here and see what’s wrong with her this time
Went up in the house and she’s sittin lookin all crazy
I said 'What's wrong baby'?
She said 'You don’t love me'
I said 'You know I love you'
She said 'No you don’t. You stay out all night with yo friends, drinkin and
carryin on and you don’t even think to call and let me know where you at'
I said 'Well hold on a minute baby. Let me tell you one more time and maybe
you’ll believe me'
I told her something like this:
I said I love you baby
Until the day that I die
I Spell it L O V E
Cmon girl why you do this
You know I love, I love you, I love you
You know I tell you
Cmon baby let me back in the house
You know I love you
She said 'You don’t even by me presents'
Yeah I did. I bought you a box of chicken but I ate it on the way home
She said 'you don’t even know my name'
'Yeah it’s Melissa'
She said 'No dumbass, it’s Roxanne. Spell it out for me'
Damn baby. Hold on. So I had to tell her something like this
I spell it R O X A N baby
Her name is Roxanne and she’s rockin my world
WOOOW You know I love her
I love her, I love her, I love her
And so I tell her
She said 'Alright, alright, cmon baby you can come back inside. You know I love
you. Can’t say no to you. Wish I could'
I thought we was going to make some love but I heard a knock at the door
'G-God damn. Who is it man'?
'I apologize for knocking so hard. This is APD looking for Black Joe Lewis'
I said 'Hold on. He’s in the back. Let me go get him for you'
So I went to the back of the house, man she’s sittin there and says 'Where you
I said 'I gots to go'
I started running
I started running from that white man
Gonna take me away
For the whole century
And cuz I tell her she’ll say I know
You’re playing around
So just go get yo shit
Get out boy