Перевод песни Ashanti – Then Ya Gone

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Well. Well well well well. hello baby
One day ya here and then ya gone.
Im waking up to anotha day its amazing its gettin crazy
Cuz why I wonder how I stuck this out I got this touch
this pain and may be this might just be my prayers
be as in these strange ways stuck in these dreams
cuz if ya hood like mine hood yur good ouh
cuz the world is the ghetto we gone go get locked upped
yall go get ya hussle on and ya struggles on one day
ya hea and then the next day ya gone
One day ya here baby,
And then ya gone
See, everyday we complain about lil ups and downs
We needa be thanking the lord that we’re still around
You’ll never ever know when it is your time to go and
I know its hurtin so bad when we lose people that we love
Gotta use that example n try and straighten up U gotta live everyday as if its ya last one
One minute ya here and the next day ya gone
See lately I wake up in the morning
Wanting to cry, I bend my knees
And I raise my head up into the sky
Sometimes I just cant fight my Feeling I have inside I See I always wished that you would
Be here right by my side
I’m glad I told you I love you
So much before you died
I knew you couldn’t and wouldn’t
Be here for very long
One minute ya here and the next day ya gone
See, what I need
Is for ya’ll to know
That living life
Can come and go Ya gotta face reality
I want the world to sing wit me Sometimes the world that we live in Don’t seem so fair or forgiven
See these streets are hard to survive in Cuz all day you see people dying
I pray that one day we all see
That life aint promised to you
And life aint promised to me Never forget this
And be clear, we don’t know how long
We gon be here