Перевод песни Ronan Hardiman – Dance Of Love

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My hands they shake when our lips meet
All that I ask is that tonight
We have this dance of love
Your eyes, they shine like stars above
This is the night that I’ve been dreaming of It’s your favorite song
Girl, can we hold on in this dance of love
Something comes over me when you are near
So close and yet so far
I could die here in your arms
As we hold on in this dance of love
The music plays, you’re all I see
I feel you breathing so close to me Take my hand, tonight I’ll be your man
In this dance of love
Something comes over me I can’t explain
Girl, when I’m holding you
The world just slips away
As we hold on in this dance of love
And all I ask is that we have this dance
The music plays, we close our eyes
So soft, it flows into the night
You’re like a prayer
Nothing else compares in this dance of love
You know I want you, take my hand
And I will be your man in this dance of love