Перевод песни The Miracles – Baby, Baby Don't Cry

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Nothing so blue as a heart in pain
Nothing so sad as a tear in vain
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Let him walk on out if he wants to He really doesn’t deserve you
His loss is our gain so don’t be blue
'Cause stone blond and out of his mind
Is what he has to be, yeah
So baby, straighten up Come on and fly right
It’s no catastrophe, yeah
I said, now, baby, baby don’t cry
Baby, baby here’s why
Love is here standin' by Love is here standin' by You trusted him and gave him your love
A love he proved unworthy of Too bad, it was him that you trusted
Too bad that you can’t be disgusted
It’s time that you got me adjusted
And realized that tear filled eyes
Can never stop him now, no, no, no That man is on his way
I think he’s gone to stay
You better drop him now, yeah
Ooo wee now, baby, baby don’t cry, no, no Baby, baby here’s why
Because love is here standin' by I say love is here standin' by All you’ve gotta do is dry your eyes
Long enough to see
That you have got the love you
Thought you had in him here in me Love is hope, girl, love is strength
Here’s someone standin' now beside you
Who would go to unless
To give you love true and deep
And hope you realize at last
You found a love that you can keep
And only losers weep
So, ooh, baby, don’t you cry now
(Baby, baby don’t cry)
Oh baby, let me tell you why now
(Baby, baby don’t cry)
Don’t you know that love is here standin' by?
(Baby, baby here’s why)
I say, love is here standin' by Your tears are shed in vain, I said
So c’mon, c’mon, baby
(Baby, baby don’t cry)
Don’t you realize, baby?
(Baby, baby don’t cry)