Перевод песни The Miracles – Ain't It Baby

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Now you tell me that you love me But I don't think it's true
Because I can tell by the way you act
By the evil things you do CHORUS
That you want to make me live
My life in pain
That's what you want me to do
Ain't it, baby
You wanna fool around and drive me crazy
You wanna make me sad, you wanna treat me bad
It's true that's what you wanna do Ain't it, baby
And sign some man's name
And then you put it where I'm likely to find it Just a low down dirty shame
Well, still girl I just can't leave you
I'm just your fool it seems
I've got to stay right here just to hold you near
Even though I'm loaded with things
That's what you wanna do I just wanna make you blue
Come on and tell it true
What you wanna do is make me sad now
What you wanna do is hurt me bad now
I know it is, I know it is