Перевод песни Huntingtons – JW

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No he doesn't like to drink
And he doesn't care what people think
When he tells them he loves god
Amd nobody seens to care
That he's lost a lot of hair
And that he still lives with his mom
Someday i hope to meet him
Talk to him face to face
I'd get him to autograph
My sunshine junior tapes
Jonni walker woh-oh
He's just the coolest kid in town
Everybody wants to be just like him
But nobody knows just how
Jonni walker woh-oh
He's the envy of my eye
If i could i'd change my name
To start with a «j» and end with an «i»
Well he's got himself a band
And he prefers to stand
Up front at all the shows
He writes cool songs about his girl
And about friends and about his girl
And stuff that everybody already knows
Someday i hope to meet him
But i know i'm not worthy
There's nobody cooler
Except that jon from new jersey