Перевод песни The Edgar Broughton Band – Eviction

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Oh my love, what are we going to do?
I can't believe that the hour is due
That my whole life here with you is through
Now they wanna put is in a fifteen-storey view and I can't stand it.
But don't you worry, I'll think of something
If there's anything I can do.
I don't propose we let them through
Do you?
So lock all the windows and bolt all the doors
'cos here they come the bastards here they come
Putting an order on you and all your family
If you wanna leave the town notify me
There's a condition that you'll always have to guarantee.
Necessarily you will agree You got anything to say to me?
Don't be so clever with me
Or I'll give you something to think about
Make you see
That I'm not the fool you thought me to be
But you never saw anything other than your opportunity