Перевод песни Endpoint – Untitled

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Look at me, hatred in your eyes
Alcohol, it has made you blind
Clinch your fist, ready to start a fight
Can't you see, this action I despise
Verbally you assault me Mentally you offend me Finally you attack me Man, you f*cked up All the violence starts
When you come around
Your alcohol is to blame
In your eyes I see no shame
Maybe it's best if you don't come around
But now I see that it can never
Be the same
You've changed
In all of the wrong ways
You're not the same
And I don't want to feel your pain
Can't overlook it Cannot deny it Stories and excuses
I can no longer buy it We just can't go on Way back when we were younger
I thought that it would never change
We have grown so fast
We went our seperate ways