Перевод песни Limp Bizkit – Stink Finger

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I’ve seen your campus
and thinking I’ve been there before
you know something, I live in this pig pen and this filthy pig pit
next door
another picture
my auroma, stick that nose up in the air
is that the excuse you use to ruin me I need to get you outta my way
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need to get you outta my way
love thy neighbor, love my neighbor
yeah right… right
yo J, drop that one down
your existence means less now that it probably ever has before
you’ve got your head up your ass
out of your mouth comes nothing but i think with sh…
still I listen, I absorb
you amuse me idiot
all bent outta shape
cause i piss on your gate
and you don’t stop
and we won’t stop
that’s right
and you can’t stop
this shit, it just won’t stop
let’s take it to the curb if you can stand it, put yourself in my position man
let’s take it to the curb, put yourself in my position man
ahh, take it to the curb, put yourself in my position man
punk, how you wanna take it to the curb
ahh, you wanna take it to the curb
ahh put ya, put ya, ahh, put yourself in my position man
and you don’t stop
got it stinky, stinky finger
and you don’t
and you don’t
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