Перевод песни Informatik – Predator

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
The skill of the hunter
The will to survive
The thrill of a new chase
The chill of the night
There's no use resisting
The call of the wild
I feel a hunger growing
Another meal's in sight
Are you lonely
Are you lonely
Are you lonely
Are you lonely
I'll wait until your guard's down
I'll tell you what you need
A Wolf in sheep's clothing
Oh I'm not what I seem
We are pieces of a game
We are beasts that never tame
Object of my desire
The target in my sight
Right now there is no other
And you'll be mine tonight
It's all been planned you see
You will not get away from me
I cannot wait to get to know you better
Just spend some time with me
We won't discuss philosophy
One thing's more interesting
I'll show you
You'll know
Run and hide
Or be my animal sacrifice
'cause I'm the predator
Try to fight
You'll prove no challenge
To my appetite
I'm right behind you
I thought I had it all
Then you saw through
My camouflage
And sent me home
Without my dinner alone
You might have won for this round
It's just a stupid game
You won't get away next time
I'll catch you in the end