Перевод песни Evil Cowards – I'm Not Scared Of Flying Saucers

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Say it, woman
Say it
Say it
I keep running into your wall
I keep staring at your eyes
Cause I know you got the answer to it
I feel them coming
I feel my skin crawl
And I can see the skylights turning into a fiery ball
And now it's time to confess
And it's really not easy to do
I'm not scared of flying saucers
I'm not scared of flying saucers
I'm not scared of flying saucers
But I'm scared, terrified, of losing you
Oh, I'm still human
Yeah, I'm just a guy
I'll still crawl a million miles
Just to see your lovey-dovey eyes
Oh, now I can't move
But I can feel them touching me
And I can see them getting ready
To show me something I don't wanna see
And now your brown eyes are turning red
And there's a new head growing out of my head
And there's a billion stars in the galaxy
But there should only be one for you and me
And if that's not how it's meant to be
May we meet again some day on Vega System 3