Перевод песни Zero Hour – I am Here

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Life has changed me, reality, the driving force
To stare it in the eye so deep, impossible for human eyes
The barrier the mind creates, seems unbreakable inside your head
The pain the heart sustains, is there an end? Is there an end?
Is there an end?
Time races faster, I can't catch my breath, so I push aside the negative
To grab a hold of reality, I will never give in No, I will never give in Life has changed me For the real man is alive, I am alive
Free me, I am not to be held down
All this life I have to give, please allow
My God, please help me now, I need a sign
To carry on, I need You, I need You
Now the tide rolls ever gently to the shore
And the moon draws ever closer to my soul
As I stare closely to the sky
Peace finds a home
My heart has grown so strong
For this battle I have won
I will never give in, I will not fail, no For life is life, and I am here