Перевод песни Zero Hour – Specs of Pictures Burnt Beyond

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I have not wasted life, I have not died
You gave me all my life, now you take it all back
So many words of fire, so many lies
The pressure, that plagues with desire, my fate lies in limbo
Pushing me down (I'm falling), pushing me down (I'm falling)
Pounding me down (I'm dying), pounding me down (I'm dying)
I'm dying, I'm dying, I'm dying, dying...
I need to find the words, the light
You are the one to bring down the sun that fades away
I am not your slave, let me live, understand I am a man
Breaking down these walls of life
(The last spoken words have died. I need to find the words, the light.
I'm tearing down these walls of life, to escape this deadly desire)
(.Just specs of pictures burnt beyond...)