Перевод песни Tanya Stephens – Sound Of My Tears

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Any People who dont spend enuff to provide for the poor. You won’t be able to
spend enuff to protect the rich. You think provety a poor people probelm think
again how much people probelm
Verse 1
How can I be good? When it is so much cheaper to be bad
How can I survive when the chances I dont have? Me have to Hustle
How can I promise me gonna change when me legal life is above my price range me
have Hustle
The law forbin me to carry a gun but my enimes have one me na gone run now me
have to Buss it
They want me to call the police but me a dem already in some serious beef me
now gone Trust it
We use to be the best of friends but politcs a cause the whole a we face for
bend me can Take it
This one bag a orange turn green and the whole a we a play for the same fucking
team that now gone make rude bowy not no make
What me say wo a wo o o o o o (This a the Sound Of my tears) wo a wo o o o o o
(Most time they fall from there peers) wo a wo o o o o o (This a sound of your
pain) wo a wo o o o o o (let it rain)
Verse 2
How can you judge they way how me live?
When u dont provide me with no good alernative me a have to Juggle
The way tings a run me can’t take it no more I rather to be dead then poor me
nah gone Struggle
Can’t afford to buy my son a slice a bun How me gone convince him to drop the
gun He nah gone Listen You think him gone follow good advice from what him got
over the phone from his father who’s still in a prison and all who a love the
ghetto the youths pon tv and come a streets and hype up dem way me have to let
And all who a say a solider couldn’t last a day in a hour postion dem for let
go yah rude bowy dont make them stress you ma have a turn over this yeah and
tell them Tanya said so
Yo acknowledgement is the first step to all the solution. But everybody a act
like they a not part a the probelm. And the minute the youth a really get out
of the slam is like there mind completly out of the slam. Soon they want
everybody start call them big man and boss. And the only time they go back to
the hood is when the want floss sorry