Перевод песни Tanya Stephens – Good Ride

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Mmm hmm aaaight
Yo… u dun kno is all about
Wha we say we want a good ride
Wha me say
1. U a hear me now darling
U betta ready wen de rude gyal callin
U hafi rise inna de marning
Ready fi put on a round a starming
Unu hafi gee we it de gangsta way
Gee me sumthing tek me right through the day
And it nuh really matter wha de man dem a say
Dem hafi Heist me up rite
Gee we some
Good ride (whoa ooa)
Just Back out de bike and gimme some
Good ride (whoa ooo)
Dem tings dey we like
Just gee we some
Good Ride (whoa oo)
Just back out de bike and gee we some
Good Ride (whoa oo)
(wha me say, get set)
2. When me wake up inna de marning
Fuss ting early
You a bun a splif and me a bun a cup a tea
Head back to de sack wey de sheet a cry cree
And de bed spring a sing out a new melody
Man to de way u move
Skilled wit ur fingers
U na hafi indulge inna no cunny lingers
When you dally two time and put on a wheely
U no hafi ask if me feel e
U dun nuh de two a we a create a scene
Just feel fi me riddim and rock and cum een
When me say me ready fi u deal with me case
Just fling wey de trebble
Gimme de base
(Hook to end)