Перевод песни Atreyu – Blood Children

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
man this is a pretty good song
I like it Kinda short
but you know
its pretty good man
I like Atreyu
theyre a good band
I could listen to them all night
I also like Disturbed
and Five Finger Death Punch
man Im runnin out of time to type
The songs almost over
Oh wait
I just paused it cool thing too cuz I have much more to say
for example I really want to say that I had a great day today
My parot finally learned to fly
and tomorrow I can take it for walk (or fly) off leash
Man am I excited
Oh also Im seeing Atreyu and Falling In Reverse tommorrow
So thats cool
Oh, I got to have pizza for dinner
And if youre still reading this then your pretty cool
give yourself a pat on the back
you are allowed to know my name you avid reader
ok here it is ready
Carmen The Butterfly
Pretty nice name huh
Let me tell you a little about myslef
I like to play drums
and swimming is fun
not as a sport though, just when its summer
and I play football
I have lots of friends
I like turtles and dogs
I want to invent an animal called Tog
Or a Durtle
It would me a mix of a turtle and a dog
If youre still reading then either your awesome
or just really bored
I hope you enjoyed reading this...
so far...
cuz im not done...
What else about me Well Im human
but I guess you already guessed that
unless you thought I was a butterfly
which in that case you were wrong
Oh, I just got fallout 4
What a great game
Its really fun!
I also like Arma 3
and lots of other games too!
I spent most of my day today watching SNL
now Im typing to random people who will probably never read this
but if you are then your strange... but cool
I used to have a dog
then it died
I used to have another dog
But we had to sell him
One time I peed on my uncles shoe
He wasnt to happy
I also like the band Korn
Theyre pretty great
I also play guitar
and bass
and I want to learn how to play the recorder
Ive heard the recorder is a brutal instrument to learn though...
Ok well thats everything
Im sure the song is over by now
or you paused it or your a fast reader
anyway enjoy listening to Atreyu!
BTW, if you like this then put it in time
It'll by our secret way of communicating
And if you put it in time it will make me smile
Which I already do a lot anyway
But why not right?
Ok by lovely friend who I will call Pyramid Pete, since I dont know your real