Перевод песни The Plan – Young & Armed

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Oh the clouds are sailing by
And I've been thinking on the side
They drain my soul these smiles
We need to get ready to die
Oh I've got to be ready to starve
Like when we were young & armed
The sun sets, there's an alarm
I see when we were
Young & armed
It's raining I'm not sad
And though there's no reason to compare
I thought of days we shared
I saw pictures in the air
And now I can't be living real
Don't even know how I feel
Remember we'd risk it all
Now I need what we had
Young & armed
And I've lost the ones I was
Nobody keeps in touch
And I'm climbing the mountains for a clue
For what young & armed I just knew
Now I drift to where I can't hide
Be looking for a new ride
Around people slowly die
I see when we were
Young & armed
Them righteous bending my arm
I'll get what we had
Young & armed