Перевод песни U$O – Kom!

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Try to learn every single ayat
So my soul in front of Allah, gon'be smelling good
To that moment I be definitely making my move
In it for the money? Nah man, I'm in it for the truth
Ain't about any gold or the ice
Sneaks and close is just part of the hype
MTV sucks big time
Cribs and bling — get a real life
But wow — take a minut or 2
Why we spending so much money man that we don't have boo
Every tiny detail, we gotta have kid!
Every kind of device to make us look rich
Hollywood, magazines, videos
Escaping anything & anyone away we go In it sickening enough that we don't really care
In it sickening of that we don't wanna share
Wish for my brother what a wish for my self
Try to love the world less, put my ego to rest
«get rich or die tryin'» who ever said it was poor
don't they ever gon'learn from the farao in gold
Kom Igen Kom Igen
Kom igen du min elskede ven
Kom Igen Kom Igen
Kom igen du min elskede ven
Wish for my brother what a wish for my self
Try to love the world less, put my ego to rest
Moro get this Moro get that
Break your ego coz we don't need that
Don't let the craziness of money get to you
Sell more, only be a money lover
If I don't like what I'm doing and don't enjoy it
I'll die of sorrow and there will be no business
Everybody has a comment on how you do things
But if you don't know where you're going
You have to go back and see where you came from
In darkness your soul is all you have
Out of sight, out of mind
The game is setting a trap for your mind
Who's gonna put this demon on hold
A to the DL to cold
These days your ego's too bold
Eating diamonds and gold
I got a nooz and a lasso right here
I got a whip that'll hit you right there
It's time to rush with no fear
It's time to crush and prepare
Follow the leader but the leader is a jerk
That's him in the corner with a smirk
He's a devil and he's making me work
I used to be calm until I went bezerk...
Just once try walking in these shoes
Try to feel some of these moments
Put away your ego and pride and stay without
Pain you will have to suffer
Far away you will have to stay
My eyes they say
What should I say about those who suck out the blood and sweat of the poor
I've seen endless cases
I've lost faith in this world
Where will you go Where will you plead for help
Sooner or later you will beg in front of him
If you prepend you will be heard
If you sincerely feel remorse it will be manifested
To you shall we return
Where else can we go Show mercy so in front of you I'll not be humiliated
So far to go to reach your light
My destination is Kooh-I-toor
Tell me, people of God
How many of us have to die in cold blood
Innocent victims, ruins and prisons
Murderers killing as well, even racism.
Look at our countries, nothing but poverty
No food, no rights, my heart stays empty
I look unto the sky and ask God for His mercy
Protect us from hell and Satan's conspiracy
You can't buy your ways into heaven
No Dinar, no Dollar, no Euro will do nothing, could save you
This is a message from the grave, Allah is Great!