Перевод песни Tony Levin – Utopia

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
They say that heaven's just for some
the ones who have the right connections
But in this world of ours you find
connections of so many kinds
The smile a mother gives her child //Child, a smile alights his face//
the hand that reaches out to lift us up //lifts us to a higher place//
the eyes that see the one they love //see love inside//
inside them gleam reflections of //you can see it there, see reflections of//
Utopia //Utopia//
And when the music's almost done
the fading echoes of the last guitar
reverberate inside the mind //in mind they find//
releasing all the dreams they find //all the dreams inside all the dreams they
If I could hold my fathers hand again //I'd hold my fathers hand again//
if I could be once more the boy I was //the boy I was, remember when//
If I could dream again those dreams //I'd dream, dream those dreams//
now I know they're windows to //now I know they're true, they're the windows
Utopia //Utopia