Перевод песни Tony Levin – Places To Go

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Hello Mars, it's good to be back
Gee we left here in a hurry, didn't even bother to pack
It was way back three — four billion years ago
we didn't mean to be a stranger but we had a lot of places to go It's a beautiful planet you've got here, lovely shade of pink
It seemed bigger when we lived here, but we were just spores then I think
Then one thing led to another, as they say in science 101
And just look us now, oh I tell you evoloution can be fun
(ch) Hey, as a matter of fact this looks like home to me Seems like the kind of place I always wanted to be
I'm gonna kick off my Reeboks, sit back and light up a smile
Cause it feels like home and baby I might stay a while
Hello Boston, it's good to be back
We haven't played this little club since it was just a rundown shack
Yeah, the dressing room's still still dingy and the manager's still stingy,
that may be But it's the people who come here that make it feel special to me
I used to live in this town until I left to go out on the road
Didn't take me too long before I forgot my own area code
Always meant to come back here and visit all the people I know
But that road stretches long and I had a lot of places to go
Hello Grandma it's good to see you again
I have missed you a lot since you left us all way back when
And this new place you've been staying all the music they are playing is on strings
It seems the people are nice and I'm noticing that some of them have wings
Hey, is that Grandpa I see running round and not using his walker
I had some trouble getting in here, say, those entrance rules are a shocker
Guess I should have called ahead and made a reservation, I know
But I was just too busy and I had a lot of places to go