Перевод песни Deep Purple – Cascades: I'M Not Your Lover

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You know I'm not
Your lover now
It might as well be said
And then you say
You're leaving
Or maybe I'm just
Hanging on a thread
When I gave you everything
It didn't seem that much
You gave me your opinion
With the usual
Heavy handed touch
What can I do About the rain that falls on you
I'm not your lover now
My head is spinning endlessly
My sense won't react
Then I'm falling through a black hole
Part of me is never coming back
How you can lose a thing
You never really had
And you always hurt the one you love
And you just love to hurt me bad
You really must be going now
By god, is that the time?
Let me put you out
Of my misery
They call it being cruel
To be kind
I only insult my friends
My friend
The rest can go to hell
You can read it Anyway you want
Oh well, you're not so bad yourself