Перевод песни The Riverboat Gamblers – Year of the Rooster

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Nail a coffin, keep it shut
Try and dig a deeper rut
Planning on a pay cut
Xmas time
Looking for a big break
Limbless get a fair shake
Sleeping through the earthquake in your mind
Ok I messed up, never did what I said I would do
Go away... this hiccup is gonna last till the party is through
Leave me swinging in the breeze, with lice and fleas
I admit I forget I don't know the words
Cut down in our prime, left for dead before our time
Thanks for looking out for me, just save your philosophy, oh yeah...
I'm betting on a point shave
Getting told to behave
Try and be a good slave
Collard tight
Guessing it's a no go
Waiting for the say so
Getting told to law-low...
Ditch, headlights
Ok... try not to un-impress all the monks who can bless
Go away... I f**ked up, but I don't got a thing to confess
Old friends come to see...
Congratulate our poverty, they all know the words!
What say I disappear
Call it a day, call it a year
What will all the neighbours say?
The press will have a field day
I said baby, she a tear cause we sensing the catastrophe
Blame me when the psychic ruins the plot
Baby will you talk to me?
Or will you cut out right before you're seen?
Caught up in your silly scheme, crying in a happy dream...
Where we both get what we want
Where we both get what we want
Where we both get what we want
More blood...