Перевод песни Andrew Lloyd Webber – Pharaoh Story

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Pharaoh, he was
A powerful man
With the ancient world
In the palm of his hand
To all intents and purposes he Was Egypt with a capital E Whatever he did
He was showered with praise
If he cracked a joke
Then you chortled for days
No one had rights or a Vote but the king
In fact you might say
He was fairly right-wing
When Pharaoh’s around,
Then you get down on the ground
If you ever find yourself near Ramses
Get down on your knees
Female Ensemble & Children
A Pharaoh’s story
A Pharaoh’s story
A Pharaoh’s story
A Pharaoh’s story
Down at the other
End of the scale
Joseph is still
Doing time in jail
For even though he is In with the guards
A lifetime in prison
Seems quite on the cards
But if my analysis of The position is right
At the end of the tunnel
There’s a glimmer of light
For all of a sudden
Indescribable things
Have shattered the sleep
Of both peasants and kings
Strange as it seems
There’s been a run of crazy dreams
And a man who can interpret
Could go far
Could become a star
Female Ensemble & Children
Could be famous
Could be a big success
Could be famous
Could be a big success