Перевод песни People Eating People – Rain, Rain

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Rain, Rain, wash away this gravel; it's cluttering my thoughts.
Rain, rain, wash away these piles; they're piling on top of all that I've grown
up dreaming and scheming of.
Rain, rain, wash away everything.
One rock for every promise that I've made just to see a smile
One rock for every beat my love-struck heart has pumped while in denial
One rock for every time I've blamed a silly action on my youth
One rock for every time I've lit a cigarette cuz I had nothing else to do
I'm not a little girl now, I know how to stick to my guns.
I know that egos are meant for busting, grace is just there to fall from.
I've seen the true colors of people, and the colors of evil.
I want to let it all go.
Its okay, it's alright. We'll have brand new slates by the next moonlight.
Put on your boots and strap them in tight. We're all ready for the rain.
And when the water meets these dirty streets, the cold concrete and puddles
will be whispering the same thing.
But I won't go. I'll proudly show my face. I have struggled much too long to
run in disgrace. I deserve to be washed clean of this.