Перевод песни Sirens Sister – Never Let Go

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Through mithril haze i chanced upon you as you bathed in silver stream
A pale moon lit up my obsession and swelled a goddess from my dreams
In a stark passionate stanza i professed undying love cruelly you
Laughed at my affections «oh my coquette my wingless dove» you're all
That i need and you're all that i know and now that i have you i'll
Never let go for you are my one and only you'll spend your lifetime
Chained to me my love
In a cold ocean of blackness where i knew unending pain i felt the
Void swallow and drown me i've loved and lost and all in vain a Choking gust of will i stammered a solemn promise to the sea to ghost
This world in utter darkness if i can't make her love me and you
Fought like lightning captured as i took you in my arms through veil
Of tears with captor pleaded not i beguiled by your charms so in your
Cage of brass and velvet i will keep you safe and well for my love if I can't have you then no man ever will