Перевод песни Sirens Sister – Eyes Catch Fire

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Oh paranoia sending shivers through my skin while the ghosts of all my Sins shimmer in the twilight the shattered fragments ricochetting
Through the void of a love that i've destroyed glimmer in the
Halflight and in my darkest days i feel the earth beneath my feet
Slowly giving way but how does she move so lithe and so tragic like
Serpents we writhe entwined upon the floor speaks and her eyes catch
Fire with strange magic haunting your dreams with a wanton lust
This sordid tryst seeps in and stains my mortal soul so far beyond
Control i give into temptation and guilt consumes the wide eyed boy i Used to be oh a life in entropy alone in my damnation and as the clock
Winds down i feel each moment of my life slowly slip away