Перевод песни Owen – Amnesia and Me

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Amnesia's a pretty word to speak aloud or write
So I shall use it as a nickname for the girl I've in my life
She's not the sum of what she owns
And she ain't cavalier with the skin she shows
She has saved me from the questions in my life that have plagued me Now I know who I am, a tongue-biting one-woman man
Amnesia sings songs under her breath, she's too shy to project
She'd prefer say nothing at all than have to endure talk of the small variety
She don't always make nice with others
In fact, she sometimes makes downright mean with me But she has saved me from the long nights and the last calls that have betrayed
me Now I know who I am, a house-broken one-woman man
Amnesia and Me, we're sitting in our tree
F-O-R-G-E-T-T-I-N-G everything we once knew