Перевод песни Owen – Too Scared to Move

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Cala Lily
Can you hear me Cross-eyed again
Cursing the wealthy
And all the things they have that we don't?
I'll shut up and let you rest
But if I were raised to fight that would be me Standing up against the Right on the TV
That I die in front of each night
My tail between my knees
Well, I know
That you want more from me But I'm too scared to move
Cala Lily
Would you make room for me in this bed
So I can kick my feet and bang my head
I swear, I won't ask again
And I know
How you need your sleep
But my skin's crawling
Well put that book down
About the end of the world
And let your hair down
Like it's the end of the world
And we'll make love
Cala Lily
Will you still love me Come the 'morrow
Knowing I've done nothing
But put sorrow
To a soft melody?