Перевод песни Cassandra Wilson – Right Here, Right Now

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Did you ever love somebody? Did you ever really care?
Did you ever need somebody, just to rub your hair
All the energy we spend on motion, all the circuitry
and time
Is there any way to feel a body through fiber optic
Everybody's going through the motions
Got their heads up or down
No one seems to want to see the other person's eyes
Reflect the world go ‘round
Everybody seems to want to get away to someplace
Get away from themselves
I got a feeling if they found that someplace
They'll want to go some place else.
Do we really want to go to Mars?
Do we ever really want to try?
I got a funny feeling if we get up there
We're gonna stop and wonder why
Don't you want to be right here, right now?