Перевод песни Busta Rhymes – G-Stro

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Ma get dumb to the drum
When it come to the crack you know just where to get it from
I'm the unbelievable, unstoppable as logical
I'm setting it off, now take your draws off (hoo)
Now, go'head and do ya little thang
I love when you ass go bri bibibi pong pa ting
I analyse emotion when you rockin' with a swing
Looking just keep it going and make it poppin' till it sting (oh, shit!)
With ya supernova ass
Put it on me you see my drink spillin' out up of my glass now (now)
Don't even worry 'bout it mami keep it gudda (sup)
One of another glass and a bottle pour another one (ha)
Lean over put ya head back quick
While I'm get ya something maybe you wanna spread that shit
Go'head and spread that sick
Get that sick ass over here and do what I'm saying (yeah that's it!)
2009 Bus Rhyme back up on the scene
Back against ya with a pocket full of cream
I'm the epitomser of giving niggas classics
Gettin' money and showing ya niggas how to live
Jump off we get the party let's get it right (what!)
Now all of my bitches let's take it to the crib (now!)
Leave them 20-niggas frontin' ya know
They say you nothing saying they do something they never did (what!)
Now why you with me baby (backstage) how they would (nasty beats) that's what
they (used to say)
I can't defy a man for tryin' to define yo ass (cause I was used to play,
well how ya play now, oh stop)
We takin' over with ya big ass (pedoe paf)
Knockin' me over ayo sick as I say so and get low
Ass to the floor baby now show me ya G-stro
It's the break down, it's your favorite part
It's the break down, keep it going don't stop
It's the break down, make it do what it do
It's the break down, act like it's made for you
Get ugly, act retarded, scrunch that face, move that body
Break down, what what, break down, what what, break down
Here I am, be R.A.W
So fuck with me I'm here to bring double
To the platinum feel and retrieving a million
Triple up with the bitches exotic and fuck me a brazilian (ha)
Ha ha ha, laugh at a bunch of you niggas
When I'm comming I switch it like a chameleon
And then decided it back and find a g-stro candidate
To swimming it commin' swallow my children (aaa-ha ha ha)
Go'head and sing my song gettin' money you bitches
Now tell me what you really on
Back on my bu-bu-bullshit I move quick pullsix
Bitches make it to sit on my poolstick (to the left!)
I see yo ass is ready, willing, enable (to the right!)
Yo ass is knockin' my bottles of the table (shit)
You see he's out in the spot so let's go
Strip down on ya g-stro before the club close