Перевод песни Jackie Greene – Sweet Somewhere Bound

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Well, I 6;'ve been thinking, I 6;'ve been thinking
'Bout some women that I know
Some believe me and some deceive me And some I wish, I' 6;d never seen at all
Where will you go now? Where will you go now?
Where will you wander? Where will you roam?
Where will you go when the sun goes sinkin 6;'
And the morning brings a new day to be born?
Well, I can' 6;t tell you, I can' 6;t tell you
Which train I 6;'m riding, which plane I 6;'m on But I can tell you, yes, I can tell you
I' 6;m standing right where I belong
When I die, Lord, when I die, Lord
Lay me somewhere soft and deep
Tell my babies not to cry, no For I ain' 6;t gone, I 6;'m just fast asleep
I know a man, Lord, I know a man, Lord
He had no baby to call his own
He had nothing but he had everything
He had the world to call his home